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City Optix is one of San Francisco’s leaders in contact lens fitting and care. Our experienced opticians offer the latest in technology including bifocal contacts and can find solutions for even the most highly complicated cases.

Contact lenses are not an easy solution for everyone. Certain eye conditions make wearing contacts challenging. However, it doesn’t rule out wearing them altogether. Our experienced optometrists can discuss specialized options for nearly every vision problem.

City Optix proudly partners with Bauch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson Acuvue, Alcon and CooperVision to provide a broad spectrum of contact options.

Additionally, we offer Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses — a premium lens with a state-of-the-art design made from highly “breathable” materials. This lens is ideal for patients who are nearsighted or farsighted — with or without astigmatism. These specialty lenses are ideal for patients with corneal conditions like keratoconus and for those who have had corneal surgery.

Contact Lenses

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